kimmerz (burlyk) wrote,

fucking horoscope

my fucking horoscope according to marie it pretty accurate?

Your Best Stress-Busters for 2005
You're embarking on a major change. As usual, during the first stages of any transformation, you're apt to fret and agonize. You may think you need more backbone, but what you really need is less perfectionism. You waste precious time trying to be "numero uno" in every area of your life. Resign from the job of being your own worst critic and pat yourself on the back once in a while (or have a masseuse do it!). If financial woes are on your mind, good news: The planet of luck is in your Money House!

Love & Sex in 2005
This year will give you a chance to start fresh. Say yes to a complex relationship and see where it leads, then be brave enough to unveil your real erotic identity.

Career & Money in 2005
A new career journey or monetary arrangement awaits. Luck will abound when you link up with a thriving, robust group. Rely on your exceptional taste and ability to captivate others.

February: Trust yourself to handle a love affair. As you wisely leave your shell of self-protection, you'll grow more adventurous.
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