kimmerz (burlyk) wrote,

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joel's the shit. came to our show last night and he's just supportive. i love him so much. i suck. i really am not a real drummer. i just try to teach myself what i can. last night was tough. after playing i felt like a dumbass....just 'cause i wasn't anywhere near flawless and 'cause the band after us had a drummer that blew my mind. ok, so i've not been playing long at all. that gives me an allowance for sure. anyway, it did help me....i think. i came home from work today and practiced for a bit. there's all these excercises in modern drummer that i wanna try out until i "get" them. so, that's that. humbling experience. i have a lot of work to put into this. also, so wierd being "the drummer" in a band. all the rumors are true about being "the drummer." hee hee
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