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i'm back

woah, i made it back. can't believe it. band practice today with HEY INSATIABLE. or BOUNCING BETTIES. or TITTY TWISTERS. no! that's not a real option. we're trying to reach our insane goal of getting a 3-song demo done by the 24th. can we do it? we can do it! i sure as hell hope we can. i need to get my ass in gear and, i dunno....practice my friggin' instrument. i'm THE slacker! what else do i NEED to do? soooooo much. get a new job. make lots of money! the california trip is coming up and i'm going! i have the time off and i've told johnny and candace that we're coming and i just have to be there and soak up the sun and go to fashion district and relax and party and love every minute of it! and it'll be nice to spend time with the band. we really haven't all three hung out other than at 80s nights which is usually limited hang time. so it'll be such fun!

i think thursdays are my favorite days. love the shows on at night. love the pre-weekend giddy feelings. love that it's 80s night at area 51...tho we're probably not gonna make it tonight. :( i have to work at 7 a.m. tomarrow. damn the man!
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