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thought i'd update while waiting for jentle to get ready for the day. we're practicing in an hour or so and we're gonna work on some new shit! hell yeah! just a drummer and a guitarist. we actually work well that way. we are planning on jamming with a bassist this week. and hopefully a vocalist within the week? but until then, no harm in writing new songs. can't wait 'til we're a full band tho. outset's cd release is saturday and i'm fucking stoked to play. we practiced for 4 hours the other night and i got to use a wireless and i will at the show which means i gotta go off. which means some intoxicating beverages. which means, no work on sunday. i wanna buy donnie darko today. i wanna buy some whisky. i wanna get shirt unlike the one i'm wearing...or like it, but more flattering. and new boobs? HA!
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